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The public speaks!

by Holaly, over 2 years ago

May 25th

At the Winnipeg South Townhall with Catherine McKenna and MP Terry Dugald there was lots of chatter about sustainable ideas, issues, and plans. Many demographics attended and there was even an overflow in the hallway! All were able to discuss various topics and I took it upon myself to record the final words from each group which were shared to Catherine at the end of the evening. I feel that sharing the results of the meeting will display the priorities of the public and also is a way to make my time and energy worthwhile.

Food security and Health - divest Monsanto/Bayer (ruins soil, is toxic, kills bees, enslaves farmers), support alternative therapies by covering them with standard insurance, support organic farming and permacultural practices, remove vending machines from "health" orientates spaces like hospitals or at least replace items with healthier options, offer start-up grants to end urban food deserts

Transport - electric trans-national rail line, national cycling strategy, public vehicles as role models

Housing - new building codes, sensible urban densification, support green roof initiatives

Indigenous and Northern Affairs - Use hydrogen to get them off diesel, develop clean energy so that hydroponics and greenhouses can be set up for year round organic produce,

Energy - Enact a fixed rate for oil at the pump and use the flux (between the market economies price and the fixed rate) for a clean energy transition, Prioritize getting off coal than gas than oil

Economy -stop weapons manufacturing, green rrsp/rsvps, safe recycling strategies, legalize hemp, retrain oil workers (Oil & Earth), support CUPE with plans to convert post offices for public mixed use

Nature – more trees, revitalize natural landscapes (prairie grass), better utilize parks

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