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BC Youth Voices on Making a Sustainable Canada

by Kareen Wong, 10 months ago
Six British Columbian youth offer thoughts on what it will take for us to build a sustainable Canada while reflecting on the draft Federal Sustainable Development Strategy and the importance of measuring progress. These BC youth have all been involved in the creation and publication of the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation's 2016 report : "Keeping Track - Measuring Progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals" soon to be available online at
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Sustainability_Conspiricy 8 months ago
NO, NO, NO. A big step must be made, yet it isn't even talked about... Our government continues to fail us by avoiding the number one problem in this world; Animal Agriculture. Deal with the biggest issue affecting everything on this planet, then small changes should be made, but these small changes won't build sustainability for the long run, United Nation reports are ignored but have outstanding information on the truth regarding rain forest destruction, world hunger, deforestation, ocean depletion, over consumption of water and Greenhouse gases (POLLUTION)... I could go on, but do some research and stop messing around, before it's to late to be serious about change.
belindali 9 months ago
This is incredibly inspiring! I look forward to seeing more youth involvement and leadership in shaping how we work towards the SDGs.