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What improvements to our measurement and progress reporting would better support transparency and accountability?

over 1 year ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.
belindali over 1 year ago
Open Data. This is a mutual benefit to allow for transparency, but also to create opportunities for collaboration. There are many bright minds out there who can provide expertise on interpreting data, which can help improve the feedback mechanisms on whether we are making meaningful progress towards our targets.Ongoing Engagement. It is important to continue dialogue to build transparency and accountability. Data collection and measurement should go beyond the quantitative, as that does not track how people are engaging with the process. There should be a way for citizens to report on what they are seeing on how progress is made, as that can ground truth the metrics, which often by themselves can be misleading without the narrative.
Dr. David Boyd over 1 year ago
Progress reports need to be annual, in the same way that businesses produce annual reports. There should be a clear explanation of progress (or lack of progress) towards each of the measurable targets set forth in the strategy. If there is a lack of progress, that should kickstart a process to strengthen or modify the implementation strategies being used.
John Delbert Hamilton over 1 year ago
Advertising, press releases, interviews, contact, pre, current and post with Indigenous Nations with respect to government consultations & initiatives through print, sound, radio, tv, live stream and social media.The Métis Voyager,étis-voyageur/APTN,, Aboriginal peoples television network. APTN Face to Face, Nation to Nation, InFocus. For me personally, I appreciate summaries, visual representations of statistical information, use of colors to specify similar actions.Opportunity to comment or ask followup questions to clarify interpretation of reports.Final summaries and reports to be online and available in appropriate formats for people with challenges or special needs, including eBook, audiobook.
amarsbar3 over 1 year ago
I feel as though it may help me to understand the scale of the plans being projected if you were to include a cost estimate. Financial information is as important as any and it would only help your image if that information was included.